The arts have a broad impact across all sectors of society and it is our civic duty to cultivate an environment conducive to creative innovation.  Recognizing that the current state of the arts is in critical condition, we are developing a sound solution to meet the challenge.

   It starts with the art of music. With its popular appeal music has the most profound psychosocial influence to effect cultural advancement. To that end Buskdriver is making an all-out effort to raise awareness and coordinate public support for this worthy cause.

   This issue affects us all and we urge everyone to get involved.

Buskdriver Community Outreach
  • Government agencies
  • Legislative representatives
  • Civic groups & cultural societies
  • School boards & administrators
  • Teachers and student groups
  • Religious organizations
  • Tourism & hospitality businesses
  • Entertainment venues
  • Recording & rehearsal studios
  • Record companies & retail outlets
  • Independent agents, managers & producers
  • Music stores & equipment manufacturers
  • Tech industry pros & software developers
  • Online social networking platforms.

BUSKOUTS: A new club for young buskers leading the way to the future of music

A new brand of music for a new breed of musician.

Young generations are the future of music. It's up to the new musicians to ensure the creative vitality of the art. If the creativity dies, the human race dies.

The survival of the creative culture is important now more than ever. The few naster artists who are currently the guardians of great music will pass away. We need to groom the next generation to breath new life into the art by developing their original talent.

That's the Buskout's mission. Click here to learn more...

The socioeconomic benefits of a creative culture cannot be overemphasized. Most of the problems of society can be solved if we had the capacity to create solutions. The two prevailing trends of modern civilization have been


1.      The dependence on high tech gadgets, and

2.      The mass conformity to conventional standards.


While mechanized automation helped build a leisure class with many creature comforts, the economic order failed to foster adequate innovation. Top-down management policies dictated strict control over the workforce because thinking outside the box was inconsistent with their business models. To make matters worse academic institutions adopted the same rigid system. In the process the creative aptitude of recent generations was greatly diminished.

       Since antiquity the use of our creative ability is how we developed an advanced civilization. As robotics and artificial intelligence continue to replace human ingenuity we still have serious problems of society, but we are more vulnerable to catastrophic events -- and much less equipped to fend for ourselves in such a case.

            A passive, push-button society may seem to be ideal, but we shouldn’t rely on that for economic security in the future. We can’t expect someone else to give us a job because businesses will use machines instead. So the long-held tradition that neglected individual creative initiative will inevitably lead to massive unemployment, widespread poverty, and the rapid extinction of our species. The only way to avoid this harsh reality is to rally our collective resources and implement a proactive plan to nurture creative innovation as an intrinsic attribute of the human condition.

The Creative Community

       Artists have always had a reputation as excentric weirdos, and were revered for that same reason. Their creative contribution to humanity is universally acknowledged as the crowning glory of our culture. And yet such unorthodox creativity is generally frowned upon outside the artistic arena. Social norms accept those who conform to the status quo, and freaks who rock the boat are considered taboo. While we need a certain amount of conformity to maintain some semblence of order — as opposed to total chaos — repressive institutions supress creativity to control or enslave people. There are creative ways to organize and manage an overpopulated planet without resorting to the usual genocide campaigns that fascists advocate.

       In the so-called free world subtle tactics are used to limit creativity. Notwithstanding conspiracy theories about manipulative exploitation, there's no reason to prevent creativity and every reason to support it. Creativity can save anyone, from a bored rich kid contemplating suicide in Beverly Hills, to an 80 year old war refugee starving to death in Syria. A creative disposition makes all the difference in the world because the essence of life itself is a creative process. We procreate offspring and our bodies create new cells until we die. Creative talent is the birthright of every human being. it just needs to be nurtured.

       Everyone can be part of the creative community, not just artists. There are countless ways that people from all walks of life can participate and earn a living here. A truck driver with no interest in music can transport band equipment to a gig. Even a hostile critic who hates art can make money writing reviews of exhibits. There's a place for all to thrive and prosper as we collaborate in a common cause, making it an ideal model for a sustainable economy. It can succeed if enough people are engaged. Naysayers will find any excuse to oppose the idea but in the final analysis it may be our only hope for social stability -- and ultimate survival.

       Saving the world is a daunting challenge, but failure is not an option so we might as well approach the task with a positive attitude. Buskdriver has a master plan that makes it easier because there's an element of fun involved. From a strictly pragmatic point of view it is the consummate platform