Busking is the natural birthright of every person, and freedom of expression is a civil liberty that is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution — with limitations.

The general public has little tolerance for bad busking behavior and some cities have strict regulations governing street performance activities.

Keep the peace and keep busking free.
Please follow the Busker's Code of Conduct.

1. Create art. Don't create a disturbance. Keep the volume at the minimum to be heard and keep the peace with neighbors.
Don't make enemies. Excessive loudness is just ugly noise and prompts complaints to the police.

2. Keep the peace. Be considerate of others. Not everyone will like your style.
Don't be a nuisance with anti-social and offensive railing. Busking is not about venting your rage — unless it sounds good to others.

3. Entertain the audience. Control the crowd. Don't block pedestrian passageways or street traffic.
You are responsible for your audience. Be aware of any negative impact you may have on the surrounding homes and businesses.

4. Be fair and share. Limit your performance to one hour if another busker is waiting to perform.
Don't argue about who has the right to a performance space — and don't interfere with another busker's performance.

5. Perform original material. Music is an art and true art is an original creation. So don't make a mockery of the art. Music written by other artists is usually protected by copyright law and illegal to mimic. Requests for cover songs are an insult to your artistic integrity.