• Gear pick-up & delivery
  • Road crew & tech support
  • Equipment sales & rentals
  • Power generator & PA system
  • Mobile recording studio
  • Live videotape & webcast
  • On-board editing workstation
  • Crowd control & security
  • First aid & logistic triage
More Buskmobilty Concepts

The Buskwagon is portable dual-axle pull-cart featuring a fold-out composite metal frame and polyneoprine cover for inclimate weather conditions.

The on-board amp is powered with current generated by pumping the lever-action handle.

         The Buskbike is a 10-speed mountain bike with a built-in amplifier.
The amp is powered by electric current generated by pedaling. The charge is held on tubular storage cells within the bike frame.

       The Buskart is a no-nonsense moving machine for manly musicians who need a rig capable of hauling up to 500 lbs. of gear.

       The frame is constructed with heavy-duty industrial grade aluminum built to withstand and protect buskers from the impact of a slow-to-moderate speed collision with a medium size automobile.




       The RocknStroller is a sleek & stylish 8-wheel dolly with a convertable top and custom-coordinated appolstry available in a variety of designer colors.

     It's fully loaded with a mobile amplification system powered by a high-capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery*.

The versitile, lightweight frame is conveniently collapsable in the event of a sudden impact with a motor vehicle.

*Battery not included

What you see is what you get.