Buskdriver is on a mission to deliver mobile creative services to the entire community in an effort to breath new life into the artistic culture. It all starts with live music, which holds the most promise but needs the most attention now because it is in serious decline. Music has the potential to inspire positive change for all of humanity, yet we take it for granted and this apathy has a detrimental affect on society. Nowhere is this more evident than in San Francisco, with the loss of the legendary music scene.

So Buskdriver is organizing the Bay Area's vast reservoir of untapped talent and technology. The fusion of art and science can revive the local music market and unleash a flood tide of creative innovation across all sectors of society. The resources exist and the need is urgent. The only thing missing is the will to do it. Artists are ultimately responsible for the state of the art, so it's up to them to answer the call of duty. No one else can do it for them. And the alternative does not bode well for anyone.

Join us and be part of a drive that will motivate the masses to realize their best hopes for a fulfiling future. Millions of people long to find their true calling because self-actualization is a natural human need. Too many wasted lives languishing away in jobs they dislike is a trajedy of epic proportions. Buskdriver intends to facilitate human resources to match appropriate vocational opportunities.

The covid19 pandemic made one thing clear: The prevailing socioeconomic establishment is a house of cards. All the industries and institutions were woefully ill-prepared for the crash. If such a relatively minor catastrophy can cause a systemic collapse of the whole world order, what will happen when, not if, the next disaster is an order of magnitude greater?

No problem. We have a ready-made contingency plan. Our business model is a template that can be applied to such a scenario. Without jobs people will have to busk to survive.