True to form San Francisco is the birthplace of yet another trendsetting movement.
Buskdriver and Bay Area techies -- the keenest minds from two extreme opposite fields of endeavor -- team up to harness the power of creative innovation for a quantum leap in next generation musicological breakthroughs. It's a match made in music heaven and the perfect partnership for the future

     Until now digital electronics has fallen far short of reaching its full potential. It leveled the playing field by giving artists low cost equipment with audio fidelity as good as a major label studio. But most of the new tech advancement has been applied to the production process instead of the creative process. Industry analysts anticipate even more emphasis on automatic audio synthesis and artificial music.

People avoid playing a real musical instrument because it's too much work. Manufacturers want to redefine the art of music because there's way more profit potential by flooding the market with cheap gadgets that play computerized songs with the flick of a switch. There will be new noise sounds "created" and they'll call it music, so anyone can pretend to be a musician. It's a textbook example of technology gone awry, and the overall impact is a net loss for true music creativity.

       The damage done to the artistic culture can be mitigated by research and development in the creative area.

    Here are few samples:




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